Bär Sam in Arosa

NEXT big step

The bear siblings Sam and Jamila are ready for socialisation. They will meet for the first time in the same outdoor enclosure on Monday 8 August 2022.  


Sam and Jamila were able to get to know the outdoor area extensively in the last few weeks. They bravely explored the trees, rocks and ponds and found any retreats and escape routes. According to the keepers' observations, they both feel comfortable and are finding their way around their new home.

The bear cubs are now ready for the next big step: socialisation. On Monday 8 August 2022, the gate into the outdoor enclosure south will be opened, so that Sam and Jamila will be in the same enclosure for the first time.

As Jamila and Sam are siblings, but have each been kept separately in the past, the on-site team is also looking forward to their first direct reunion. Will they face each other as a familiar sibling pair or will they immediately establish a hierarchy as typical bear loners?

Come along and watch this milestone of Sam and Jamila live in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary!