Bär Napa
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A life in the circus

Today Napa can enjoy a life in the Arosa mountains. Unfortunately this was not always the case.

At home in a tight cage

Napa, the first inhabitant of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is a former Serbian circus bear. In his original home, the Serbian circus Corona, he lived in a tiny, rusted and littered metal cage that offered no protection from rain or sun. The tall bear could not even stand upright in his cage. 

In October 2016, the bear was finally confiscated by the Serbian authorities with logistical assistance from FOUR PAWS. Since then, an official procedure has been underway to find the final location for the confiscated animals. Once this was finally completed, Napa was transferred to Arosa in July 2018 and moved into the Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

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Temporary accommodation at Palic Zoo

After the confiscation, Napa, which at that time did not yet have a name, was temporarily housed in Palic Zoo in Serbia. There he was always very active and friendly towards conspecifics in neighbouring enclosures. In Palic Zoo, after years of immobility, he was finally able to move around and thus gained a lot of weight. Napa currently weighs around 350 kilograms. The 12-year-old bear was in relatively poor health when he was confiscated. His teeth in particular have suffered greatly from years of malnutrition. He will soon receive dental treatment in Arosa Bärenland.

Bär Napa

Napa an seinem letzten Abend im Zoo Palic