Der 100'000ste Besucher im Arosa Bärenla

The 100'000th visitor in Arosa Bear Sanctuary

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary celebrated its 100,000th visitor today, Thursday, almost two years after opening in August 2018.


The event was announced several days in advance to share the excitement with Bear Sanctuary fans. But until the very end it remained a surprise as to exactly when it would happen and what to expect from the anniversary visitor.

As soon as the turnstile turns for the 100,000th time, "Jöri" is already standing by behind the entrance with an animal keeper to announce the good news. As expected, the announcement meets with enthusiasm and jubilation. The celebration will continue on the platform to enjoy the unique view of the mountain scenery and to share the joy with the main protagonists of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary . As if the bears could smell this event, they show themselves in their full glory a few metres from the spectator area. The whole day is dedicated to the number 100'000. For an exclusive guided tour, the keeper will take the anniversary guest to the stables to prepare a feed together and then distribute it in the enclosure.

Napa, Amelia and Meimo also benefit from this unique event. Some time later, the animals in the indoor enclosure, carrots will be laid out directly in front of the platform on the area forming the number 100'000. A unique picture. Shortly afterwards, the bears help themselves to the "Rübli" feast, while the visitors watch the special moment as they enjoy a bear-strength ice cream on the platform. Everyone present is happy that Napa is doing much better and that he is also turning back to foraging in the outdoor enclosures.

What does the number 100'000 mean for the Arosa Bear Sanctuary? 

Within only two years the Arosa Bear Sanctuary was able to celebrate some successes. It is not surprising that the number of 100'000 visitors will be reached at the beginning of the 2020 summer season. It shows that the combination of sustainable animal welfare and innovative tourism is well received by young and old alike. At the same time, this visitor mark is also a renewed incentive to keep going, to think ahead and to develop further. Only in this way can such a unique project continue to inspire the bears, young and old alike. The next highlight will take place in mid-July with the planned opening of the adventure path. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is looking forward to the future.