Another veterinary visit to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary

On Saturday 13 April 2019, the bear Meimo is due for a vet check. 


Preparations until Saturday 
The animal keepers started feeding and training the bears again on 4 April 2019. The aim is to separate Amelia and Meimo in order to narcotize Meimo. They got used to food in order to be able to administer medication via the food after the operation. Meimo is also weighed before the operation to determine the correct dosage of the anaesthetic. To wake up from anaesthesia, Meimo is moved to an isolated cave. After waking up, Meimo is reassembled with Amelia. Amelia will then be operated in the next few weeks. 

To the course of the operation 
On 13 April Meimo will be anaesthetised for the time being. He receives the necessary dental treatment and is castrated; he also undergoes a comprehensive health check. A visit from the veterinarian is urgently needed for bears from poor husbandry conditions. In addition to a clinical examination, blood and faeces samples are taken. Anesthesia always means a risk for the animal and should therefore be used as optimally as possible. 

Castration - no offspring in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary 
In accordance with the FOUR PAWS animal welfare standards, the Arosa Bärenland does not breed bears at all. The aim of this measure is to ensure that all places in the bear sanctuary are reserved exclusively for bears not kept in a species-appropriate manner. 
Bear Amelia will be castrated at a later date. For females, castration is more expensive than for males. Amelia is neutered so that she gives off as few female odours as possible. This prevents the attraction of wild brown bears that have migrated to the canton of Grisons. 

Media presence at the Vet Check 
Due to lack of space, the team can only invite one media partner to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary on Saturday. There will be a livestream of 20 minutes, so all media will receive the information at the same time. On Saturday afternoon after the surgery, a short message will be sent with all the details of the day and a selection of pictures.  

Outlook Spring and Summer 2019 
The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is open at Ascension Day (Thursday to Sunday) and Whitsun (Saturday to Monday) from 9:00 - 17:40. From the beginning of the summer season on 15 June to 20 October 2019, the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is open daily from 9:00 - 17:40.